I have to say that I am beginning to wonder if this plan is working so well because I actually made my OWN plan that I felt comfortable with, or if it was due to the fact that we were BOTH ready for some much needed sleep.

Before this plan came into existence, I was probably getting between 3-4 hours of sleep a night, and even that was usually interrupted. I wasn’t the parent that I knew I could be, and I knew my daughter wasn’t getting enough sleep either. I couldn’t stand the idea of letting my little girl scream all night long, but going in to nurse every hour was ridiculous as well. Nighttime parenting was something I guess I hoped I could skip (like the sex talk I know I will have to have one day). I have to say that tackling it head on has been well worth it. I hope that I remember that when she is older!

Day 1:

Friday was so easy to put her down for a nap. We followed the usual naptime routine, I tucked her in, and walked out. I watched her on the monitor for a few minutes as she talked to her teddy bear for a minute, and then she was out. Just like that. No tears, no fight, just sleep. Two hours later, she woke up happy, rested, and re-energized.

That night, I asked my husband to stay in the room with us and be part of the routine. I didn’t want to be the only one that could put her to bed. So he stayed and listened to our story and song. He gave her a kiss too, and we tucked her in. As we both walked out, he offered to be the one to stay by the door. He didn’t really need to, as she didn’t make a peep!

When she woke up that night in the middle of the night, I immediately turned on the video of her monitor. I didn’t get out of bed, but I did ask her to lie down. I told her that everything was OK, and that it was time to sleep. She lied down, and fell asleep. I remember thinking to myself, ‘Could this be happening, or is this just a dream?’ I woke up in the morning still holding the monitor in my hand!

Day 2-3

Saturday and Sunday were much the same. The only difference came at night where I let my husband do more and more of the “routine.” By Sunday, he was the one reading the book and singing the song. By the time that he was tucking her in, I was already out of the room.

I was so proud of us – all of us! I was proud of Maya for sleeping so well, proud of me for following through, and proud of my husband for being so supportive. I can sleep eight hour straight (and feel SO much better), I can do my grown up stuff once I tuck her in, and I feel like the mom that I knew I could be. My only worry is that she is now sick. How is this going to affect our new sleep habits? I’ll be sure to fill you in on Friday!