Poop in the tub is impossible to avoid as a parent, I guess. Figure that it’s going to happen at least once. You think that you are prepared and that you know the usual signs, but something just goes unnoticed. And then, you have a new toy in the tub! Whether you catch it because they start playing with it, or because someone else points it out, it is still gross.

I don’t know, maybe it is the warm water, or all the toys, or the fun games that dad plays. But a few weeks ago, I went into the bathroom to ask Chris a question. He was giving Maya her usual bath before bed. They were singing and splashing and having a great time, as usual. By pure coincidence, I happened to see a “toy” in the tub I had never seen before.

“Honey, what is that?”


“That brown toy thing. I have never seen it before, and I don’t remember buying it. It looks kind of like….”

He reaches over the side of the tub to pick it up. Immediately, he looks at me in disgust and says, “It’s not a toy!”

“Oh, no! Really? How could you not notice that she was going? Isn’t it pretty obvious?”

“I don’t know, we were having a good time and she wasn’t doing anything unusual. I mean, she did stay crouched down for a second, but I thought she was playing.”

“Oh, gross! Well, get it out of there! Get her out of there! Drain the tub and give her a shower. I will wash the tub later.”

Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

Why is it that babies and toddlers don’t say anything when they poop in the tub either? They just keep right on playing. When she goes in her diaper, she lets everyone know then. When they dogs poop, she lets everyone in the neighborhood know. When we go to the bathroom, she calls it out on us. What gives? Why not when she is going in the tub?

Later that night my husband confessed that it was not the first time she had pooped in the tub. I thought to myself, “Really? Aren’t you there watching her? Haven’t you figured out all the signs?” But, he assures me that it just happens. It happens a lot faster that when she’s trying to go in her diaper apparently. To give him a little credit, I know they are both distracted with water fun (although, really, how much fun could you be having to miss that?). I have to say, though, that I would rather her poop in the tub than be the one whose kid put the ‘Milky way’ in the pool. At least at home it isn’t embarrassing and 50 people don’t have to evacuate because of you!

Indoor Activity: Laundry and Socks in a Basket


  • A basket or container filled with adult-sized socks

This activity started as a fluke. When I take laundry to our bed to get folded, it gets sorted first. I put all the shirts and pants in one pile, and the socks in another, and undies and miscellaneous items in a third. Today Maya was my official helper.

She loves to help me do laundry. We make it fun! We grab the dirty laundry from the hamper and put it in a basket. Since I use ‘cold water soap,’ I don’t worry about sorting colors anymore. She sits in the basket as well, and I pretend she is in a car as I push the basket through the house. Sometimes, the basket is a flying carpet that goes in circles (but that is only when the load a light!)

She helps me shove all the clothes in the laundry machine and puts in the soap. She closes the door and I help her select the right setting. When it is time to take the laundry back to the room, she again, sits on top of the pile in the basket. Standing on the bed, she helps me sort the laundry.

While sorting, we talk about big and small, colors, the difference between mine, yours and his, and vocabulary such as wrinkled, flat and neat. And while this is where I usually stop, today something was different. She walked over to the pile of socks and sat down. I sat with her and asked her to help me pair them. Sometimes she will do one or two, and then be done. But, today, instead of walking away, she started playing with them.

First, she put them on like gloves. Then, we pretended they were puppets. We moved on to lining them up one behind the other to make letters and shapes. We put them back in balls and played basketball on the bed. We unrolled them and matched them all up again (and I played the fool and mismatched them and had her correct me). I think that was her favorite part.

Finally, I asked her what socks were for. She said, “They go on our feet.” She used one of my socks, and slid it on over hers. I guess because she used my sock, which is much bigger, it was easier for her to get it on. She was surprised herself that she could get it on! She proceeded to put like five socks on each foot. It was really cute!

I put most of the laundry away and kept a few pairs of my socks out. The rest of the day she kept going back to the basket and trying on the socks (both on her hands and on her feet). Who knew that laundry would be so entertaining?